Having the right kind of visual content can be life changing for a company. At Social Bard, we’ll work with you to create one-of-a-kind images that best represent your brand.  The images we create can be used seamlessly throughout various social media platforms, advertising and promotional flyers. We strive to capture images that represent the unique qualities of your brand.


Fashion photography is a genre unto itself with various subdivisions, some of which we illustrate below. There are stylized and artistic images, oftentimes with visually stimulating backgrounds, that extend your imagination beyond normal, everyday circumstances. We also create lifestyle images that portray the items in more realistic scenarios that the customers can relate to on a day to day basis. Collages incorporating different components of an outfit/look are another fun way to creatively display your products and again create a user friendly guide on how to wear them. 

 Marine_160728_0375-Edit Marine_160728_0338-Edit Marine_160728_0122-Edit Marine_160728_0333-Edit


Food and Drink

With food and drink photography styling, we are able to bring our clients’ menu items to life by creating a world where the customer can image themselves indulging in the dishes. We create both highly stylized photos as well as realistic, lifestyle images, all the while utilizing natural surroundings, textures and decor to make the photos interesting and enticing.



DSC_0223 DSC_1723


Lifestyle photography illustrates products in realistic scenarios that you can replicate in real life. These types of images allow a brand or product to be showcased in action and in ways that are familiar to their audience and potential customers.




Product Placement

Product placement photography is obviously focused on the product itself, and generally does not require a model. Some images can be styled intentionally creative and artful, while others are more focused on the product in realistic displays. Regardless, these images should showcase your brand and products in a way that gives your audience a chance to look directly at what you have to offer without distraction.