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I, Echo Park is a blog that captures the local culture, dining, community and history of one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant and unique neighborhoods. With a commitment to intriguing articles and aesthetic appeal, I, EchoPark delivers its features through a fresh yet timeless lens reflective of Echo Park’s enduring energy and diversity. In just 6 months, I, Echo Park has a growing network of over 10,000 followers, has become a cultural authority on its namesake neighborhood and a proud member of the Echo Park Chamber of Commerce.




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Designed and implemented email blasts, with a 47% open rate, 2.5x the industry average.

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With daily interaction and increasing growth, Instagram is I, Echo Park’s most popular and interactive social platform.

Tonight calls for some scrumptious bread pudding from @masaofechopark, naturally. 🍰

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We have branded I, Echo Park with specific photo styling that visually illustrates both our own aesthetic world and that of the businesses we’re covering. With playful creativity that pays homage to the theme and history of our specific subject matter, we create unique, colorful images that range in style and mood. We proudly stylize, shoot and edit all our own images unless otherwise noted on the site.

Below are examples of lifestyle photos and creative product styling for various designers, restaurants and other businesses we have collaborated with.



We write and edit all articles for I, Echo Park including these popular features:

  “Net Gen Heaven at Button Mash and PwnShop”

330+ Views

Video Game photoshoot

This increasingly noticeable pattern of 80s and 90s nostalgia amongst those born during the Net Generation (specifically 1982 – 1991) makes sense. Now creeping into our thirties and facing adult realities, stresses and demands, we’ve begun to celebrate, even relive those bygone years of hopelessly eager pop music, questionable fashion and of course, classic video games. The latter bringing us now to the real reason we’re here. Addicting, legendary, hack-and-slash, highly entertaining and retro video games.

As pre-teen, nerdy girl anomalies escaping our own metal-mouthed awkwardness and confusing lust for Nick Carter and Ryu, we turned to the world of Super Nintendo, Atari and Sega as our safe and happy place. When we heard that Button Mash and its neighboring PWNshop were coming to Echo Park, our dormant inner-teenagers screamed with glee. And both establishments do not disappoint.”

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“Exploring Echo Park’s Stairways”

450+ Views


“In one ambitious afternoon, we decided to test our limbs — and lungs— on six different stairways in various sectors of Echo Park. Some were strenuous (ahem Baxter), some tranquil, some picturesque and others, regrettably, were tagged with graffiti and laden with trash. In agreement with Echo Park Now’s sentiment, it is our hope that the more these stairways are used and appreciated, the more awareness we can bring to maintaining them. For further information on this, please visit EPN’s article on our stairs and information on preserving them.”

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Social Media: In 6 months we built a following from 0 to over 5,700 on social media with over 1200 visitors to the blog site per month.

Designed and built the entire website on WordPress platform

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Branding including web and logo design, business cards, flyers and email campaigns

Verbiage for social posts and in depth journalistic articles on site

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