Email marketing is a great way to reach to your customers beyond the usual social platforms. With email blasts delivered directly to your audience’s inbox, your business’s updates and promotions stay consistent and relevant.

Representing clients in a variety of fields, Social Bard utilizes the different brands’ unique qualities to create visually striking email blasts that reach and market their respective audiences. We boast an average open rate of 35%, the industry standard being only 19%. Below are examples of some of our most popular and successful email blasts. 


I, Echo Park

Below is a blast enticing fans to visit I, Echo Park’s site and read its most recent article. This template was designed from scratch and the email had a 48% open rate.


Below is a stylized holiday special email blast featuring things to do around Echo Park during the Halloween season. With clear, direct calls to actions such as “See why” and “Catch the latest happenings,” we encourage fans to click through to the website to see what else there is to do for the holiday. 


Ted Axelrod Photography

For this client, we promoted his upcoming cookbook and featured his holiday recipes during the Christmas season to prompt people to buy. 


M2M Photography

This blast promotes the business’s open art studios, introduces a new photography series and highlights a direct call to action giveaway button. Although there is a lot of information here, this visual layout does not overwhelm the viewer.